Diversity and Inclusion in Action

  • Women at PACCAR

    PACCAR understands the importance of supporting the development of women leaders. For example, the Peterbilt Women's Initiative (PBWIN) champions the empowerment of women through education, support, networking and development opportunities. Kenworth and Peterbilt were recognized as top places to work for women for 2018 by Women in Trucking. In addition, the PACCAR Women's Association aims to develop female talent to increase women in PACCAR leadership roles.
    Michelle Ponsonby was nominated by Redefining the Road Magazine, the Women in Trucking Association official magazine, as a "2018 Top Women to Watch"!
    More from Michelle, Peterbilt Testimonial
  • PACCAR Recognized as a “Top Company for Women To Work For In Transportation”

    PACCAR Inc and several of its divisions - Peterbilt, Kenworth, PACCAR Parts and Dynacraft - were each honored as a 2020 “Top Company for Women to Work for in Transportation” by the Women in Trucking Association (WIT).  Women in Trucking is a non-profit organization that encourages the employment and promotes the accomplishments of women in the trucking industry.  PACCAR recruits and develops a diverse workforce and supports its female professionals’ careers with resources such as the PACCAR Women’s Association, Diversity Councils, and training designed to prepare women for leadership opportunities.
  • Veterans

    “Over the past three years of PACCAR’s involvement with the Hiring Our Heroes Corporate Fellowship Program we have seen tremendous success! PACCAR truly understands our mission of providing a Fellowship that leads to a new career with the company. To this end, within their time frame of involvement in the CFP Northwest, PACCAR has hosted, hired and retained fellows at an incredible rate, making them a Top 3 “Veteran Ready” employer out of all of our fellowship host companies here in the CFP Northwest since inception in 2015. Their CFP Alumni Network is also very strong, and has proven to be a major factor in PACCAR’s success with Hiring Our Heroes CFP Northwest.” 
    Rob Comer, Senior Manager, Corporate Fellowship Program, Hiring Our Heroes
    Daniel, PACCAR Parts Testimonial
    Veterans of PACCAR Parts
  • Outreach

    PACCAR partners with many community organizations. One example, PACCAR was a gold sponsor of the 2018 Special Olympics. The 50th anniversary games promoted the ideals of acceptance and inclusion through sport. Diversity Councils around the country coordinated activities to raise awareness and engage employees in the event.

    Otis, PACCAR Engine Company Testimonial

  • Mentoring

    Many divisions of PACCAR have formal mentor programs that pair employees with experienced professionals and executives to support their career development.

    Maya, PACCAR Leasing Testimonial